Register a Cheap Domain Names

Register your Cheap Domain Names and start running your website, Delight Hoster Offers Whoisguard and domain protection in the free of cost.

Even if you don’t use your website for business purposes, there are still many reasons to register a domain name. And Cheap Domain Name Registration is purely for the identification of the business. For example, the domain name like—identifies the website to visitors, internet users, and customers. Majority of us, keep remember domain with their name instead of IP Address, as remembering a series of number is nothing but hectic (e.g. 132.456.0.1)

Cheap Domain Names Registration

Like every other domain name out there you register yours with ICANN (Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers) via domain name registrar. The annual registration fee varies from $10-$35, overage.

Like “” some big web hosting companies are happy to pay the registration and domain name fees. Isn’t it great? Obviously, but one thing to keep in mind is that they register it and actually list you as owner. Otherwise, registering the name directly via domain name registrar register you and your business as the administrative contact, technical contact, and owner.

Direct ownership

Direct ownership is cost-effective as it won’t let web hosts charge crazy amounts in later years and terminating your ownership rights. Compared to ownership rights the other contacts are not too important, but can’t be totally neglected, depending upon your registrar. As some registrars require administrative contract’s approval before executing the domain name transfer. The technical contact is used if he or she cannot be contacted.

Broadly speaking

Broadly speaking, the key here is to make sure that you are the owner of the domain name. In the near past, the companies sold either web hosting or registered domain name, but seldom did both of them. Unlike past nowadays most companies offer different services including domain name registration and web hosting.

One important thing—your domain name registrar and host can be totally different; you don’t have register the domain name with the same company on which you are hosting your website.

Unique Cheap Domain Name Registration

Mostly unique names are premium these days. Some people say that all the unique names are the story of gone days, but the regular releases of new extensions enable us to still use those quality names.

Once you decided a domain name for your business website act as fast as you can or just face the disappointment and frustration of losing it to the competitor. Price for the domain name is the key thing to keep on an eye on—so, don’t let any registrar charge ten bucks per year.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Are .com domains better for search engine optimization (SEO)?

Yes .com extension domain is using in all over the world and its better for optimization in globally.

What's needed to register a domain?

You need a your email address, and your home/business address details to register the domain.

Instruction for Cheap Domain Name Registration

1-Research Domain Names

Brainstorm and spend some time in fining some relevant names along with all possible variation that you would like to use to represent your online presence, and make a list of them. As above-mentioned it can be hectic to find good name in affordable prices. So, sticking with only one domain name is not a good idea as there might be a possibility that it might be taken already. The most effective way is to make a list like (brand name + variation) or (variation + brand name). Having this kind of list in your hand while hunting a domain name for you can make your hunting less tedious. And for user’s ease, many companies provided a free tool called domain name generator to help you searching for cheap domain names and their availability. While searching for domain names the first priority of the most people is to go with the branded name domain (,,, or company name domain (, or a name that describes the product you own or service you offer (, As above-mentioned, there are different extensions available as well that you can select for your domain names, but in an SEO point of view it is highly recommended to go with the “.com” extension as it is a more trusted name. In case your desired name is not available in “.com” then you can go with “.nyc” if you own a business locally in New York City, or a “.org” if you own any organization, but broadly speaking “.com” is still more trustworthy extension.

2-Purchase Your Domain Name

In the process of domain name registration, the hardest part is finding a good domain name—if you have done this already than the hardest part is over. After that, you can register your domain name via any registrar that you suit you most to complete the transaction. Most domain name registration service provider tries to sell you a complete rota of additional services that may or may not be important for your business. And as mentioned above you don’t have to host a website at the same place from where you just purchased your domain name. If you have privacy concern than one additional service that you must consider is “WHOIS privacy” that prevent your contact information to become a public record.

3-Get Your Name Server

After registering your domain name, you need to get the name of your host’s primary as well as secondary name servers and save that information at a secure place. You might get this information most probably in the FAQs section on their website or under a category like “DNS”, “domain name transfer”, or “domain name”. In case you are unable to find this information than just email the customer service. To point your domain name to your web host, this information is must-have. And if you purchased your hosting and domain name from the same company than you don’t have to worry, they’ll do it for you.

4-Set Up Your Hosting and Website

In case you don’t have a web host at that moment don’t worry you still can purchase hosting—the hosting provider will park your domain at the temporary website specially set up for you. This step ensures that it is not too late and your desired domain is safe, and in the meantime, you can look in other aspects of your website. Whether you ask them or not mostly registrar park your domain at a temporary location, so you don’t have to make a special request later. Some of them also provide you a free email address even when your domain is parked, such as (where “example” is your domain name).